About company

Latezo LTD was founded in 2008 as a center of competence for the leading world manufacturers in the field of energy and engineering systems for buildings and constructions.
Latezo LTD carries out the full functions of the General contractor, providing effective management at all stages of the investment cycle: from design to commissioning. Much attention is paid to fulfillment of the guarantee relating to capital construction objects, as well the warranty obligations of the supplier (manufacturer) of technological equipment, provision of services after the facility.
The enterprise has all necessary licenses and organizational structure, personnel, material and technical base and sustainable sectoral cooperation, sufficient for performance of all works within basic directions of activity:

  • creating elements and complexes of integrated technical security system (ITSS) in general industrial and special performance;
  • automation of production lines;
  • creating elements and decentralized turn-key solutions in the field of heat and electricity supply;
  • modernization and development of housing and utilities, introduction of energy saving solutions and technologies, energy audit.

Activities: (competencies)

  • control of heating and safety systems
  • services for energy management
  • project management;
  • design and survey works;
  • energy audit;
  • structural design of engineering structures;
  • logistics;
  • construction, installation and commissioning.

Partnering for Success

Latezo works with individuals, organisations, partnerships and systems to inspire, promote and support the use of cross-sector partnerships worldwide



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