Nottingham CCTV To Receive Further Investment In City Wide Re-deployable Scheme

Nottingham is to get a further investment into its existing CCTV system, which has so far this year dealt with 6522 incidents, after a new extension to its city wide ‘Re-deployable Scheme’ finally takes effect.

The scheme which has seen the three cameras being installed in areas recommended by Nottinghamshire Police, will be supported by TIS, one of the UK’s leading fire, security and communications specialists, who have installed the new cameras and have a maintenance contract to keep them working effectively.

As part of the investment, three initial CCTV cameras have been installed, which will make use of old upgraded cameras to cut costs, and better serve the local community from a security point of view, and it is hoped that seven more could be added.

CCTV Manager, Neil Harvey, said: “The new investment installed by TIS will use a wireless signal which goes from the camera itself, to the roof of The Victoria Shopping Centre where it uses microwaves to send the signal back to our control room here in Radford.

Neil added: “CCTV is only part of the solution, but any investment is a worthy one.  Unless all parties involved worked together as a partnership, the success is limited.  We are one of the only control rooms in the UK, that asks for an immediate response to incidents caught on CCTV, and if the Police cannot attend, we send an email to them the very next day, giving them 31 days to attend the office and view the footage.”




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