1,500 cameras installed at more than 1,000 points within the compound with anti-theft alarm systems centrally managed via the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS). Integrated public address, emergency voice evacuation and conference systems combined together to provide a best-in-class communication solution for Min Sheng Bank.

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An end to end SilverNet Wireless network installed by Videcom Security is providing a full IP infrastructure for the backhaul of Watford Town Centre’s CCTV cameras.

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The internet company Google entered the smart home market in January after acquiring Nest, a smart thermostat and smoke/CO detector manufacturer, for $3.2 billion. 

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A North Yorkshire farm has installed IP video to enable everyone to see all the new arrivals of lambs this spring. Mainsgill Farm in Richmond has fitted an AXIS P5534 PTZ network dome to overlook the barn and the pens in which the sheep are giving birth.

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According to the Decree of the Russian Federation Government in Moscow on the territory of the main exhibition ground of Russia - All-Russia Exhibition Centre (V.V.C.) - from 20 to 23 May 2014 will be Integrated Safety & Security Exhibition 2014

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Located at the intersection of the Kurfürstendamm and the Berlin Zoo, the new hi-rise named “Zoofenster” designed by Christoph Mäckler sets architectural as well as urban accents in the heart of the German capital. 

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The new 5 star Radisson Blu Resort & Congress Centre in Sochi relies on Bosch when it comes to security. The luxury resort, which celebrated its grand opening in time for the biggest event ever held in Sochi, is equipped with Bosch fire alarm systems, public address and evacuation technology and a comprehensive video surveillance system, all being integrated and centrally managed via the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS).

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The annual cost of fraud in the UK could be as high as £193 billion per year, a new report suggests. This dwarfs previous estimates produced by the UK Government which put the figure at around £...


Two thirds of large businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack in the past year, says the Department for Culture, Media & Sport. The research also suggests that in some cases the cost of...



Passwords have had their time and day; now it is time for wireless access control.
By Hector Hoyos